Revolutionary Cyber Resilient MIL-STD-1553 Component Introduced

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a game-changing product in partnership with our long-term collaborator, Data Device Corporation (DDC). We will soon begin sales of the new Total-ACE® CR component in the Nordic region.

The Total-ACE® CR is a revolutionary cyber-resilient component designed to provide unprecedented security in aerospace and defense applications. Serving as a drop-in replacement for DDC’s renowned BU-64863T8 Total-ACE®, this component is set to redefine industry standards.

What distinguishes this cyber-resilient component is its integration of cutting-edge cyber resiliency directly within the 1553 protocol layer. This innovative approach allows users to enhance system security against cyber threats without sacrificing performance or adding unnecessary complexity.

The cyber-resilient features are seamlessly embedded, offering a secure and simplified method to incorporate cyber mitigation into both existing and new design applications.

Learn more about this groundbreaking component down below.

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