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We are a comprehensive partner in rugged computing and “edge computing”, which refers to high-performance digital systems for decision-making in the field, close to the source of data. These are systems that must work regardless of where you are.

Leading nordic defense company

Rugged servers with small form factor

A leading Nordic defense company had a need for high performance air-cooled rugged servers with a small form factor to fit a specific SWaP-C requirement (Size, Weight, Power and Cost). The Half19 server was a great start as it fulfilled most of these requirements ”off-the-shelf” but there were further requirements for an even smaller form factor. Hence Expando and the manufacturing team looked into it and could indeed make the adaptions needed to fulfill all requirements and the deal was made. This became an offering we can use for more customers going forward.

Prominent Nordic defense corporation

Product and design adjustments

Another leading Nordic defense company had a specific need for VPX boards for their missile offerings and Expando was consulted to find the right solution from our array of alternatives. The right solution in form of a VPX board computer would fulfill the needs and during the lengthy procurement and design phase Expando offered both product but also the adaptions needed plus timely customer support, service and timely deliveries to fulfil the company’s end user requirements in prominent NATO countries.

Defense customer

Adapted COTS based solutions

Expando was called upon to support a prominent defense customer early in the design phase for adapted COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) based solution intended for a rugged mobile C3 (Command, Control and Communications) system. We also have cases where we, together with our partners, successfully have adapted and modified embedded solutions such as boards to fit specific requirements. Expando’s endurance and experience with long process cycles mixed with rapid requirement change discussions has been appreciated by the customer.

Photo: Saab

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