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Quality & Sustainability

Expando exists because there can be no sustainable society without peace and security. Contributing to this via high quality technology solutions and services is at the core of Expando’s business and sustainability is an integrated part of Expando’s strategy to drive value for customers, partners, employees, owners and society as a whole.


Ensuring quality with ISO 9001:2015 and JOSCAR certifications

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard is the most common Standard used globally to measure internal process controls related to quality and the measuring of client satisfaction. Expando is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and this means that we grant our clients a level of assurance to prove that our products and services are benchmarked to an International Standard. We’re audited by a reputable third party which allows your organisation to verify and validate the effectiveness of the products and services we offer.


JOSCAR is an accreditation system for suppliers that operate in the defense, aerospace and security sectors. JOSCAR enables registered prime contractors such as SAAB, Kongsberg, BAE Systems, Patria, FLIR and others to confidently trade with pre-qualified organizations such as Expando, and provides access to a centralized supplier database. To attain accreditation, Expando was assessed across a wide range of appropriate business parameters including our policy on counterfeit materials, insurance and third-party certification, health and safety, environmental and sustainability, IT security, anti-bribery and corruption, product safety and quality.

Quality Policy summary

Expando provides advanced technical components and solutions to leading manufacturers of defense and space systems. Our company’s goal is to build lasting, profitable and trusting collaborations with customers and suppliers in our selected market segments. This must be done by offering innovative products with high quality from carefully selected suppliers, having a clear market presence online and offering our suppliers a targeted sales channel and our customers a high level of technical support. Expando complies with all applicable laws, regulations and concluded agreements. We are constantly working on improvements and corrective measures that are continuously developed through reporting, audits and customer surveys. 


Expando is certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems that helps organizations reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability strategy. By implementing ISO 14001, organizations can control their environmental impact and reduce the risk of environmental damage and accidents and it provides organizations with the tools to create a sustainable future through strong environmental management. Expando is certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

Environment Policy summary

We are committed to working in our entire value chain to increase positive impact on the environment and reduce negative impact. We have a great opportunity to improve the environment by influencing and collaborating with our suppliers and customers. New suppliers are reviewed and evaluated from an environmental point of view before they are accepted. Through an awareness of the choice of purchasing, we can reduce our environmental impact and thereby work actively with our significant environmental aspects.

The main identified aspects are

We constantly seek to improve our environmental behaviour and policy and regular contacts with customers and suppliers contribute to our continuous attention to environmental questions.


Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We provide high-quality solutions to our customers to allow them to protect critical infrastructure and communication in today’s digital society. These are our largest contributions to a more sustainable society. The foundation for our sustainability work is our vision and our corporate culture, where corporate responsibility affects everything that we do.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to eliminate poverty and hunger, protect human rights for everyone, achieve gender equality and ensure the long-term protection of our planet and natural resources. By taking responsibility for how the company’s activities and goals impact the environment, Expando is contributing to the UN SDGs and the realization of Agenda 2030. 

At Expando we have focused on the following SDGs where we have main impact:

We work actively to ensure our workplaces are characterized by equal opportunities and equal treatment, with everyone assuming responsibility for the treatment of their fellow human beings. In line with the company’s policy in this area, we work continuously to promote equal opportunities to achieve a gender balance and diversity.

A safe and secure workplace that supports employees’ rights and conditions is important to us, both within our own operations and within our supply chain. Furthermore, a prerequisite for high performance and a sustainable work life is that we offer a safe, secure and healthy workplace from a physical, organisational and social perspective. Economic growth is one of our prioritized financial goals, where we work to achieve long-term cost efficiency.

With our solutions we help society secure access to water and electricity, for example, and to protect these services from different types of threats. Innovation is critical for Expando’s future. We work with our values, attitudes and behaviours to bring out our people’s innovative sides and let their talents shine. Expando embraces the possibilities of working with external partners to find and develop innovative solutions that will take our company, industry and society further.

Driving Green and Social Transition. The important security and geopolitical dimensions of climate change only further underline the importance of our work. Expando is also committed to reducing climate impact throughout its value chain and ensuring a healthy and safe workplace for all its employees. Climate action is a key environmental area for Expando and we contribute by always considering the most environment friendly possible means of transportation for goods and people throughout our processes.

In recent years, our open society has been tested and our customers’ environments are constantly changing. We deliver capabilities to customers who have the great responsibility of protecting their countries’ values and borders, whilst defending peoples’ human rights and freedom. Expando is working actively to counter corruption as well as to minimise the risk of violations of human rights within and outside our supply chain. By acting responsibly in everything Expando does, following laws and regulations and working closely with national authorities, the company earns the confidence of customers, employees and society. The areas of anti-corruption, export control and information security are critical to Expando. Using codes of conduct, we also actively work to combat corruption and bribery and to comply with all laws and regulations in the areas in which we operate.

Code of Conduct

Ethical guidelines for Expando employees

This code of conduct communicates to all employees at the employment.

Gifts, benefits, reimbursements and entertainment

Our employees may not offer or accept gifts, benefits, reimbursements or entertainment to or from a third party that would constitute a violation of laws or that could affect, or appear to affect, the professional judgment in the performance of the respective work or duties for Expando or a third party.

Bribes, kickbacks, etc.

No one may, directly or indirectly, demand or accept, offer or give any kind of bribe, kickback or any other unlawful or unethical benefit to employees or other representatives or associates of Expando or any third party. Any such offer or proposed arrangement must be reported immediately to CEO.

Protection of whistleblowers

Any employee at Expando can report any suspected ethical or legal misconduct without any reprisals. Such cases shall be reported to CEO or the chairman of the company board. Such cases shall immediately be subject to investigation and if appropriate taking disciplinary actions.


Environmental & Quality policy

Access our Environmental and Quality policies here.

Expando Environmental Policy

Expando Quality Policy

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