Expando’s returning Team member

Elin, who previously worked with Expando from 2017 to 2022, recently rejoined our team. After a year exploring new horizons, she’s returned to Expando in a role with increased responsibilities and a fresh perspective. In this interview, Elin shares her experiences, insights, and what excites her about being back at Expando.

Before rejoining, what were you up to, and what brought you back?
I’ve worked at Expando between 2017-2022 so I’m both new and old to Expando. In 2022 I got an exciting opportunity to broaden my experiences, so I’ve spent one year away from Expando but missed all the amazing colleagues and the fast-growing industry we’re in and I’m so thrilled to be back now, this time in a slightly different role with increased responsibilities and even more possibilities to develop my team and the business. And to be a part of the management team is very interesting and developing and I feel that we are on to something good here.

How was your return to Expando? Any standout observations from your initial weeks back?
It feels like coming home. Things has evolved during my year off and I’ve now met with new colleagues which has been great. We are expanding our business into our own products which is an ambitious and exciting project for us at Expando. As you hear, there is a lot going on right now and all of us are excited to see what the future holds.

With your prior experience, how do you see your skills benefiting your role this time?
I’m interested in learning new things and my ability to be involved in a lot of things but keep focus is key to my continued success within the company. I enjoy the advantages of a small company but with the ambitions of a large company. The fact that the Tisenhult Group are our owners gives us a strong financial stability and they bring a long-term perspective within sustainability as well as the feeling of being part of something even bigger. One of the steps of the expansion of our company is the new office that is being build right now, by one of our sister companies within the group; Northpower. The new office has been designed and adapted for the development, storage, testing, and assembly of our products. With an office space of approximately 700 square meters and an accompanying showroom of 30 square meters, this new property will provide us with the opportunity to meet our planned growth. Expando is on a journey and I’m both honored and enthusiastic to be a part of it!

Could you tell us about your journey back to Expando and what excites you most about your new role?
My background is both within a marketing team at Procter & Gamble, an American consumer goods company, as well as within the banking sector; in two of Sweden’s biggest banks. I have a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics and long before all of this, I worked for 9 months at a fish factory on a Norwegian island out in what felt like nowhere. 😊 Unlike when I started working at the fish factory back in 2002, I immediately saw the potential at Expando in 2017. I saw a company where I could grow and become a contributor to Expando. I’d encourage all of you to follow us on this journey so let’s stay tuned for what’s more to come!

Elin’s return to the Expando team marks a momentous occasion for us. Her experience, dedication, and unique perspective are invaluable assets as we continue to innovate and grow. We’re thrilled to have Elin back with us, and we look forward to achieving new heights together.

Welcome back, Elin!

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