Expando at NATO-Industry Forum in Stockholm

Expando actively participated in the recent NATO-Industry Forum in Stockholm October 24-25, uniting nearly 1 000 representatives from 24 NATO nations and 235 defense companies. The event, held under stringent security measures, spotlighted the need to bolster defense capabilities in alignment with evolving security policies. Critical discussions centered on securing government commitments to augment production capacity.

Take home messages and key statements from the conference:

Urgency in Defense capacity increase

Before there was more time and less funding, now it is reversed and thus a need for swift action.

Convergence of Civil and Military Innovation
Civil sector advancements are now driving innovation in defense.

Government-Industry Partnership
Closer collaboration is essential. There is no Defense without Industry and there is no industry without Defense.

Interoperability and Efficiency
NATO emphasizes the need for interoperability, integration and cost-effectiveness.

Data Dominance and AI
Addressing the “Decision Fog” with data-centric AI is critical for faster decision-making.

SME Innovation
Small and medium sized enterprises play a pivotal role in driving disruptive solutions.

Ethical Imperative
Defending democracies is ethical and demands increased investment; security and safety are paramount.

Procurement Reform
Streamlining the procurement process is crucial; focus on essential requirements, speed and execution.

EU-NATO Coordination
Tighter coordination is essential, owning international standards is key.

Strategic Stockpiling
Moving from “Just in Time” to “Just in Case” approach in light of evolving threats. War of warehouses is a fact.

Expando’s expertise in data-driven decision-making, digitalization, interoperability, and rugged edge computing positions us optimally to meet rising demands, especially in the light of Sweden’s potential NATO accession. Our expertise in cost-efficient and adaptable COTS-based solutions, tailored to specific requirements, align seamlessly with NATO’s push for cost-effective and efficient defense solutions and uniquely positions us to meet the rising demands of the evolving security landscape.

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